U.S.A. Abuse Statistics
(Center for Disease Control)

 There are 39,000,000 REPORTED Survivors of Sexual Abuse

70% of ALL sexual assaults are perpetrated  against children under age 17

-1 in 4 girls is abused by age 18 ; 1 in 6 boys is abused by age 18

93% of abuse comes from someone a child

knows, loves and trusts.

-Median age of abuse is 9-years-old

-Only 1 victim in 10 will disclose abuse

According to Senator Judy Emmons in the Associated Press, Lansing, March 13, 2013:

Michigan is the 13th highest State for the number of sex-trafficking victims, probably because of Michigan’s border with Canada

An estimated 150 girls under 18 years old are sold into sex trafficking each month in Michigan

Note: According to the U.S. Dept. of State, Human trafficking is the fastest-growing crime in the world, second only to drug trafficking.

It is time to open our eyes and fight for the safety and future of children TODAY! 

 If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911

If you suspect child abuse but don’t know what to do, go to

Stop It Now!
1-888-PREVENT (888-773-2362)

Stop It Now! provides a National Helpline for adults living in the United States who are concerned for the safety of a child and don’t know what to do.  The helpline is available Monday 12 – 3 pm, Thursday 1 – 4 pm, and Fridays 12 – 3 pm Eastern time and is closed for standard business holidays.  All calls are confidential and will be answered by professionals knowledgable in the field of child sexual abuse prevention.

If your heart is calling you to serve in this ministry with us or if you would like to be on our prayer list and/or receive more information please contact us asap:




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