Fundraisers: Softies (update 9-2-13 We have replaced the name TCFR with “Lapeer P.E.A.R.L.S.”)

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Back in March 2013 we were looking for ideas to fill our Easter Raffle Basket for our Easter Hunt event.  We couldn’t find any really nice stuffed animal Easter Bunnies, so I decided to crochet some myself.  I had found an old pattern several years ago and changed it to my liking, using “fluffy” yarn, and they turned out pretty cute.  I ended up making a Bunny Family for the raffle basket in keeping with the “Family” theme.   Friends at Church thought they were so cute they suggested that I make more to use as a fund raiser for TCFR to help us provide books and other resources for parents to protect children and  support for abuse survivors.   They would make great gifts for baby showers  birthdays, Easter, Christmas, gifts for shut-ins and cancer patients or those in the hospital, or “just because”.  What a fun idea!   So we went out to find more colors, which proved to be very difficult since the “favorite” colors were being discontinued.

Well, we managed to get several skeins of Pipsqueak yarn in cute colors, and between the end of March and mid June I made and sold over 30 stuffed animals (Large and small Bunnies and Bears)!   My daughter, the talented artist, named them “TCFR Softies”, and designed a logo.    If only she liked crocheting, then we could just crank those Softies out…

A sweet friend just suggested that maybe we could find a group of ladies that would otherwise not be able to help any other way but would enjoy coming together on a regular basis to make TCFR Softies for us… I don’t know many who would enjoy working with Pipsqueak yarn and going by “feel” since you can’t see the loops you are working in.  But if there is anyone who would like to serve in this ministry to protect children and offer support to abuse survivors through TCFR, and be sure that these Softies are not sold anywhere else for profit, …  If this is what the Lord wants to put together, I’m sure He will send those sweet Ladies with servant hearts our way.

In the meantime here are some photos of the Softies I have made up to date (June 25, 2013).    Would love to hear your comments!  If you would like to support TCFR’s mission by pre-ordering a TCFR Softie, please email us the details (bear or bunny, large or small, and color combination(s) you would like), at  and we will arrange payment with you.



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